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The Lotus Temple Delhi-An Architectural Wonder

The Lotus Temple Delhi is a marvelous architectural structure. It has won numerous worldwide accreditations. There are many national treasures of India. Among them, Lotus Temple Delhi is a highly regarded one. The construction of this amazing lotus flower shaped temple was completed in the year 1986. After a grand opening, the entire world began to witness an amazing structure. The architectural grandeur of this place has astonished many world architects. Mother Temple is the concept on which Lotus Temple was built. This temple is not a strictly religiously biased place. It does not belong to any religion. People from all religions and communities are welcome here. Prayers and offerings can be made inside the temple.

Incredible India is a justified term if we consider the number of marvelous structures we have. The places of interest and the architectural wonders make India truly incredible. The Lotus Temple, Delhi has featured in many magazines. Many international channels and magazines have documentaries based on the Lotus Temple Delhi. It is a known Bahai house of worship. Bahai house of worship is an open religious idea. It accepts all faiths and believes in humanity. No rituals can be performed or practiced inside the premises of Lotus Temple.

27 free marble made petals have been arranged in a set of 3 each. The central hall is around 40 meters tall and has nine windows. At any point of time, this place can hold around 2500 people. Hence, the tourists do not have to cramp for space. It is an ideal tourist location some of the best people around. Many architects have taken up the Lotus temple for case study. Faroborz Sahba is the main brain behind this particular design. He is a Canadian architect who specializes in temple designs and high-rise architecture.

The surrounding pool of the Lotus temple is exceptionally beautiful. Just like any other architectural wonder, the Lotus temple looks marvelous at night. Hence, it is recommended that people should go for night outings at the Lotus Temple. Architectural society of China and the Encyclopedia Britannica has appreciated the efforts of the Indians in establishing such a structure. The Lotus Temple Delhi has attracted the inflow of foreign tourists to our country. Many people have converted the place into a place of worship. However, no religious ideas and rituals are welcome in this temple. It only recognizes people and their respect towards this place.

It has become a great place for photography and many professional photographers from different parts of the world have come over to this place. They just want a glimpse of this place. They capture immortal images of the Lotus Temple, frozen in the sands of time. Many VIPs around the world have come and visited this wonderful place. They have been mesmerized by the charm of this place. Many people have developed a passion for Indian architectural wonders. The style adopted here is known as the expressionist style. The expressionist style is a unique one, which has some inner vibes being projected through great style.

The Lotus temple is capable of competing with the top architectural wonders of the world. It has some unique titles against its name. It has emerged as one of the most popular tourists spots in South Asia. The marble, which has been used to manufacture this wonderful structure, has been brought from Greece. Penteli Mountain is the place from where the marbles have been extracted. The marbles have a unique grandeur. They are milk white in color and very few marbles can compete with its quality.

An atmosphere of peace and tranquility prevails in Lotus Temple. Lotus temple has a very strict code of conduct. There is a restriction on musical instruments within the premises of the temple. Hence, it is very peaceful and tranquil compared to other places of worship. The outdoor lighting quality of the outer part of this wonderful structure is good. The outdoor lighting itself has won many awards. One can easily say that very few structures have such beautiful interiors as well as exteriors. The number of visitors to this particular monument has easily surpassed 50 million. The figures are much higher than what has been registered by monuments like Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal.