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    7 Best Destinations To Enjoy Monsoons In Mumbai

    Monsoon is one of the best times to visit India as well as the different famous Indian destinations. The monsoon season starts in Mumbai from Early June and brings relief after the sweltering heat as well as humidity of summer. Monsoon in Mumbai is always refreshing. The tentative time for the arrival of monsoon every year is around 5-10 June. Being situated beside the sea, monsoon is extremely beautiful in Mumbai and you should enjoy this time in the following locations:

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    The Lotus Temple Delhi-An Architectural Wonder

    The Lotus Temple Delhi is a marvelous architectural structure. It has won numerous worldwide accreditations. There are many national treasures of India. Among them, Lotus Temple Delhi is a highly regarded one. The construction of this amazing lotus flower shaped temple was completed in the year 1986. After a grand opening, the entire world began to witness an amazing structure. The architectural grandeur of this place has astonished many world architects. Mother Temple is the concept on which Lotus Temple was built. This temple is not a strictly religiously biased place. It does not belong to any religion. People from all religions and communities are welcome here. Prayers and offerings…

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    Travel to India – Land of Wonders

    Travelling to India may emerge as a mesmerizing and sensational experience to most tourists. India is a land of rich and historic culture. The values of Indian People are by far the most attractive feature of this country. India`s culture is slowly adapting the western trends, making it a very friendly and hospitable region for tourists from the west. Adventurers can plan a trip to this land of ancient myths and get fascinated by the local culture and traditions.

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