Malaysia Travel: An Overview

Traveling packages can be booked through any agency that offers worldwide travel. It is important to understand the climate, culture, and preparation needed in order to receive full enjoyment out of the Malaysia travel package. The weather can be checked through any map program on the internet or simply ask an agent for literature concerning climate.

Famous Places

There are top ten places in the Malaysia, Penang,Cameron highland,Taman negara,Pulau redang, perhentian, Kapas or tioman,Sarawak and Sabah,Melaka,Langkawi,Kuala Lumpur,Putrajaya,Genting highland.

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Malaysisa Packages

There are many different travel packages to choose from. Among the choices of Malaysia travel packages are scuba diving interest spots, panoramic views and hiking trails. Tell the agent just what is expected from the trip. Inevitably, he will find something that will satisfy all areas of interest in any variety of Malaysia travel packages.

Malaysia Currency

The ringgit (MYR, but more commonly referred to as RM), unofficially known as the Malaysian dollar, is the official currency of Malaysia. In 1837, Malaysia converted from the use of the Spanish silver dollar to the Indian rupee. This lasted for 30 years until 1867 when the country decided to re-implement the use of the silver dollar.

In 1903 Malaysia changed currencies again, this time using the Straits dollar, which was pegged at two shillings to the British pound (GBP). It was not until 1975 that Malaysia officially adopted the ringgit, which is pegged at 3.80 RM to the U.S. dollar.

Malaysia Holidays

An equatorial paradise, the former British colony of Malaya offers pristine rainforests for safari trips, mountain ranges for trekking, unspoiled islands for some surf and sun, wetlands for bird watching and an amazing underwater kingdom for diving and snorkelling. Shopping is also a prime attraction, with most shops catering for both the budget conscious and the well-heeled spender.

Malaysia Hotels

Malaysia is neither the most polished nor the most archaic nation on the planet – instead, it’s a blend of both. The capital, Kuala Lumpur, is a city with futuristic skyscrapers, multilane highways and sprawling shopping malls that stand alongside unfinished architectural projects, narrow alleyways and gritty wet street markets.

Yet Malaysia receives a steady stream of visitors – perhaps it’s the fact that the country’s food is cheap, tasty and varied. Maybe it’s Malaysia’s refreshingly unique mélange of traditions, customs and languages; or it could be its charmingly perplexing mix of colonial, Moorish, Moghul, Malay and Victorian and ultramodern architecture. Whatever the case, Malaysia, in a nutshell, is utterly and undeniably irresistible.