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The Mesmerizing Culture of Costa Rica

Costa Rica possesses a variety of race, foods, festivals and customs that shows the true colors of its culture.

Education in Costa Rica

According to Costa Rican law, all children are required to complete elementary school. Students can further attend secondary school and upon graduation they can get into any university. The country has several universities like the National University and University of Costa Rica. About 95% of people can read and write, literacy rate higher than any other Central American Country.

Since the Costa Rican government does not believe in making nerds out of people, they have also built three symphonic orchestras and five autonomous state publishing houses that is also considered as a part of their educational system. Due to their strong educational system, people in Costa Rica are hospitable and confident.

Food in Costa Rica

The diet of most Costa Ricans includes beans, coffee, eggs, rice and corn. The Costa Rican food consists of a mixture of Spanish, Mexican, American, Southern American and Caribbean recipes. The most famous dish is Arrozo con pollo i.e. rice with chicken, while Gallo Pinto (black beans with rice) is considered as their national dish. Broader view revealed that the taste buds of Costa Rican people differ from region to region.Some Caribbean families have a likeness towards coconut oil, while the northern-western part is attracted to tortillas (thin corn-meal pancakes).

In addition, many tropical fruits such as bananas, oranges, guavas, mangoes and pineapples are common.

Festivals in Costa Rica

The Independence Day of Costa Rica is superlative. The ritual consists of celebrations in different ways in every town. One of the most happening events is the Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

The most famous and important events are the Easter and Semana Santa (Holy Week). The Costa Ricans express their belief through street processions that is held every day for a week before the Easter starts.